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The COMBO: 2x Do Something NEW Deck

"Worth the wait!"


THE COMBO. Because the second deck is a damn cool gift idea. Also, you get a good deal.


In this Combo, you'll get :

2 x Do Something NEW Deck. THE ORIGINAL. A deck of cards for women who want to DARE MORE, GROW, and HAVE FUN. Pick one card a day and never fall into ruts.

THIS is not just two decks of cards. This is a cool way to bring courage, growth, and spontaneity back to people’s lives.

All the new things to try can be incorporated into everyday life and can be done from home or in a socially distanced way.

  • COLOR-CODED: So you can choose from one category, or at random. It's up to you. There are three categories: DARE MORE (blue), GROW YOURSELF (pink), HAVE FUN (yellow) -   look at the inside edges. 
  • LIGHT & SMALL: So you can take it with you wherever you go.
  • RE-USABLE: Made out of durable card material and designed so that you can use one card multiple times and still have fun with it.
  • PLAYFUL: Do something new every day with this super cute 52-cards deck without spending tons of time thinking about what to do.
  • EVERYDAY THING: Make it into a new ritual and pick a card every day when sipping on your morning coffee. Then you've got 24 hrs because tomorrow you have another card to pick. 


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