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Do Something KIND Deck

"I got mine! Adore the KIND deck!" 


A DAILY DOSE OF KINDNESS. Pick a card every morning and make the world
a better place, one act of kindness at a time. Use the cards on your own or with your friends & family.

START YOUR DAY WITH KINDNESS in a form of a deck of cards. Choose from one of the categories or at random. There's no wrong way.

THERE ARE 3 CATEGORIES (color-coded with flowers)
- On your own at home (PINK)
- Interacting with others (BLUE)
- While running errands (YELLOW)

All activities are family-friendly and can be done from home or in a socially distanced way.

  • QUICK IDEAS:  No need to search for ideas. Just get the cards out and get inspired! 
  • SIMPLE: Just pick a card. You have 52 to choose from.
  • LIGHT & SMALL: So you can take your deck with you wherever you go. 
  • RE-USABLE: Made out of durable card material and designed so that you can play the cards multiple times and still have fun.


Perfect for family activities, group activities, small acts of kindness, gift baskets, subscription boxes.


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