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So you love visiting new places, trying all new cuisines, doing all the things just for fun, living your best life like Amelia Earhart on her transatlantic flight. Brave, curious, and ready for all the new experiences thinking to yourself, "where will life take me today?"

But when you sit at home and actually want to do something new, you can't think of anything.

Real Talk: Finding cool new things to do on a daily is exhausting. You're way too cool for that.
YOU want tools that'll help you get into that everyday adventure mode.
And, of course, a whole lot of belly laughs to go with it all. ;-)

I've got you!

Hi, I'm Dominika,

the creator of Do Something Decks.

It all started with challenging myself to try 100 New Things and documenting that on @100newthingstotry Instagram profile. Soon other women started joining me and sharing the new things they tried. 

And when people started asking me about cards with inspiration for new things to try, I listened closely. And I created the original Do Something New Deck!

And now I sell high-quality, ethically produced decks of cards which are designed by me and sourced directly from the suppliers and manufacturers in Europe
I also run a mastermind programwhere I show other women how to create and monetize their own decks of cards.


I'm based in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

You can contact me through the form below with any questions or comments. 

I usually respond Monday through Friday,9AM -5PM PST