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Two Decks of Cards COMBO

"I ordered two decks and gifted one to a friend"


THE COMBO. Because why not do both try new things and have some fun. Also, you get the best deal.


THIS is not just two decks of cards. This is a perfect combination of new experiences with playfulness or kindness. Alone & with others, every day & for all kinds of family gatherings, one card in the morning & a whole bunch in the evening. With a combo, you don't have to choose just one. And yes, they're all great.

All activities can be done from home or in a socially distanced way.

In this Combo, you can pick a combination of 2 DECKS out of the following:

✦ Do Something NEW Deck. THE ORIGINAL. A deck of cards for women who want to DARE MORE, GROW and HAVE FUN. Pick one card a day and never fall into ruts.


✦  Do Something FUN Deck. THE PARTY GAME. A deck of cards to play with friends, family, or on your own. Pick a card, do what it says, see how many you can do. 


✦  Do Something KIND Deck. THE DAILY DOSE OF KINDNESS. A deck of cards for making the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time. 


✦  ROAD TRIP Do Something Deck. YOUR LONG DRIVE SIDEKICK. A deck of cards full of activities to do on a road trip, commute, or a long drive. 


✦  Leave-A-Card: Do Something GENEROUS Deck. IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS. Leave a pick-me-up note in a random place, on a stranger’s windshield, or your loved one’s lunch box to brighten their day.


Perfect for family gatherings, personal growth, party games, team activities, house parties, gifts, acts of kindness, ideas for things to do, weekend activities, gift baskets, subscription boxes.


CARRIER ALERT: Shipping DELAYS & LIMITED TRACKING may be experienced.