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Do Good SET OF 3 Decks of Cards

"It's so fun to spread kindness with these cards!"


THE DO GOOD SET. Centered around kindness, generosity, and quality time. Also, perfect for thoughtful gifts.

The world needs more human connection and good deeds. Do something kind, leave an uplifting message for someone, and spend some quality time during long drives with friends or fam.

This set includes :

1 x Do Something KIND Deck. THE DAILY DOSE OF KINDNESS. A deck of cards for making the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time.

1 x ROAD TRIP Do Something Deck. YOUR LONG DRIVE SIDEKICK. Full of activities to do on a road trip, commute, or a long drive.

1 x Leave-A-Card: Do Something GENEROUS Deck. IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS. Leave a pick-me-up note in a random place, on a stranger’s windshield, or your loved one’s lunch box to brighten their day.

Perfect for family activities, gifts under $100, small acts of kindness, gift baskets, subscription boxes, stocking fillers, office gifts, gifts for women.


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